Our Mission is a Love of Learning

To instill a Love of Learning:

We focus on working with our learners to see progress and the purpose of learning in a stable and consistent environment. To do this we focus on 8 main areas of progress:


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1. Social Focus Development:



We work to maintain family relationships be keeping education in school to help build healthy relationships at home.


NO Homework

NO Reports to write at home

NO Tests to study for at home

NO Projects at home


All School Assignments are done at School.

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We build relationships and friendship by focusing on collaboration, play, and teamwork. Our environment thrives on the energy of friendship in the class to help build socialization into learning.

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2. Structure:

We bring together all interested parties in supporting our educational goals. Our school focuses on individual learning for the core classes and maintains age appropriate socialization. We take into account personality and interest to help our learners know themselves and have supportive educational goals that match with their unique characters and interests and then gain real world experience with our community and business partners.

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Operating Hours


  • Open from 8 am to 6 pm M-F
  • Drop off and Pick up flexible based on  your schedule


Truly Year Round

  • Open 50 weeks a year
  • 2 weeks off for holidays
  • 4 weeks of flexible vacation to use when you choose


Check out this article by Kara Voght at The Atlantic about the history and cost of the current time structure of schools.

Time as a Measure of Progress

We focus on purpose and progress measured in time toward a topic instead of results on a test. We believe that practice will lead to progress. We maximize the time of teachers and students by letting learners move at their own pace and getting individual help as needed. Our learners move forward as they fully master a subject.  This eliminates grades as because a learner who gets an 80% on a subject will not move on until they know that topic 100%, insuring no future gaps in knowledge that undermine future learning.  This is a Progress Oriented Learning Model (see more in Learning Model) vs a traditional Results Learning Model.


3. Time

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4. Resources

We use Science and Innovation to maximize resources and develop sustainability. We share resources to support development and cooperation.


See Video on how remove smart phone, but Enhancing Learning and educational opportunities through the use of Science and innovation.


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5. Judgment

We treat everyone as an individuals and make it difficult for kids to compare and self defeat. Our teachers are also active learners, embracing the unknown and focusing on exploration and engaging  to face real world mysteries as partners in learning.

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6. Purpose

We do not always start with the basics, but instead start with the story and the usefulness, so our learners know why something is important to learn for their life.

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7. Success

Our goals is beyond grades to show kids how to develop successful systems that lead to life success, jobs opportunities, and performance in the real world for long term happiness and purposeful life.

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8. Health

Exercise, sleep, and healthy eating are an active part of our learners day and ever present as an option as the day evolves. Our learners can eat when hungry, nap when tired, and go out and walk around when needed to take break and get some perspective. With our open model of education, our learners have flexibility to listen to their basic needs that facilitate learning and information retention and make healthy options, the only options.


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