Thank You for Joining a Community of Supporters for a Better Education System


Special Note:

Above is the link to our iATS donation page for financial contributions.


Right now, in our process of starting the school we need financial support and professionals volunteering for our further development the most. We understand that not everyone can contribute that and we are open to working with you if you want to work with us. This school is built on belief and opportunity. Find other opportunities to contribute below

Our success in funding comes from many donors, friends, family, neighbors, businesses, and other kind partners who believe that the Atlantis Education System deserves opportunity and believes that education should start with a Love of Learning. We ask for a hand up in getting started and growing. We promise to bring financial stability as we move forward and build on proof that our model of education can and will be better for our community and children. Thank you for your support in any way shape or form! We also ask that if you ever need our help, we are open to helping support those who support us.