Occupational Path Patron

A mission of the Atlantis Educational Model is to prepare our students for the working world. We aim to make our students competitive, adaptive, innovative, creative, and most of all, resilient. Any hard worker knows, that the success today are only step tomorrow and we need to grow to stay competitive in todays global market.


To help our students be ready for the working world, we want to introduce occupational paths to our students at an early age to make it clear how education can partner with career aspirations. We want to point out why we learn and how learning is an investment in future success as an individual, as a society, and as a species. By helping our students, you help everyone.


The best people to learn about a career path from is someone who is passionate enough about a subject to make it a career. We start with tours (ages 5 to 8), then project challenges (8 to 12), then work shadowing (12 to 14), and then internships (14 to 18). This path allows our student to graduate the Atlantis Education System with 4 years of experience and a keen awareness of how they want to make society better.


We also want this to be mutually beneficial to your organization and employees and we offer using your services if they are offered to the community as a shopping block. We also will work to provide marketing content to you and promote your brand as a community contributer to education. We will provide assistance on projects as an educational opportunity for our students. We will also work with your organization to allow our students to work as interns when 14 as part of their school day.


Thank you for opening this path to success for our students and we look forward to working with you!

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