Overview and philosophy on admissions (Link to Admissions Application):


Our admissions is based on a desire to learn. Research shows that people interested in participating in a task are more likely to show strong progress and enjoyment in the task they are participating in. We realize that our school makes life more convenient, but we want our learns to have natural curiosity and have a desire to learn. This also needs to be a goal of parents. Our admission process then requires that both kids and parents learn about the school and want to be a part of the Atlantis Education System.


This means that we have simple on admission process, but a 3 month process of transitioning new students into our school where kids learn about the school, determine where they start in different academic areas, determine interests, and join a group of learners and integrate socially before driving forward academically. During that time we will be gaining information about your child and how best they learn and setting up resources and support for them to integrate smoothly.

On-Boarding Process:


Step 1 - Fill out an initial application on our home page or by following this link here:




Step 2 - Upon approval, a parent will meet with one of our school board members to discuss their life and what we have to offer to assist your family and best support your child's learning process.


Step 3 - Meet with the learner and discuss their interests.


Step 4 - Approval for joining our school


Options for Home


Step 5 - Setting up Online Learning resources


Step 6 - Set up "The Game" for the  learner to be able to achieve goals behaviorally, functionally, and academically to earn responsibilities and privileges. See Educational Model here for more details:




Admission From

Education Model

Special Needs Note:


Due to our structure and educational model we can easily work with learners who may be or have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or Anxiety. We do not have the resources to work with other mental  or physical disabilities  and special needs. We are willing to work with special physical needs for specific cases, but our resources are limited as we begin to develop and though we are open to exploring how we can grow together, we acknowledge that we may not have the resources to be the best educational environment at this time.

Legal Structure and Purpose:


Atlantis Education System is a non-profit corporation as defined in NCGS 55A-1-40(4) and shall operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code. Atlantis Education System's purpose is to provide education and support to children 5 to 18-years-old and their families. Our programs and curricula are meant to install a love of learning in children to help them become contributing members of society and provide a continuity of support and care that maximizes their learning potential and social engagement. We accept children regardless of their background, social and cultural diversity, and beliefs to provide equal opportunity for all. We work with local business for occupational awareness of our students and provide parenting classes and support for greater societal stability starting with families. We treat our students as contributing individuals in the curriculum and seek to collaborate with all interested parties for the betterment of the community and the future. In line with our values, we work to provide internships to age appropriate students with work shadowing or volunteer opportunities to build a bridge between education and occupations as our learners grow and evolve into strong societal contributors.